January 10th, 2007

caffeine, tired

sarah9380 and D&D

Last night I got to see sarah9380, which was good, because I’d been wanting to talk with her about how things might change with her suddenly moving to Bloomington to live with masterlongtom. I’m not as upset about it as lildomino is – I already date someone in Bloomington, so it’s not like anything I’m not used to – but I know that sarah9380 hates to travel, and I wasn't sure how comfortable I’d be constantly invading masterlongtom’s space. However, we worked out some possible logistics, and beside the annoyance of driving a bit farther, I don’t think it’ll be a problem.

After talking things out a bit, we worked on the impending Dungeons & Dragons campaign I’m about to start running for her. We almost got enough done to start it last night, but it was getting late, and I was deadly tired, so I decided to head home so she could go snuggle up with masterlongtom, who seemed to have had a rough day. When I got home, I tried to get on the MUX for a while, but I was really too exhausted and zonked from being up so late running things the night before, so I gave up at midnight and went to bed. Unfortunately, as often happens when I'm overtired, I couldn’t fall asleep right away, so I read a chapter of Lost Girls and listened to some commentaries from Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law until my brain finally shut down enough for me to sleep.

Tonight after work I hope to get some journaling done, and then I’m looking forward to seeing lildomino when she gets off work. Tomorrow it looks like I’m hanging out with Dajebo’s daughter Jour, who apparently needs to get out of the house (she’s been off school for weeks), and then in the evening I’m going to see The Good Shepherd with Nada. Busy busy! Should be a fun day, though.

In the year 2007 I resolve to:

Become a mail-order bride.

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