August 21st, 2006

complaining, Huffer

Weekend Update

My weekend went pretty well. Friday I pretty much crashed soon after I got home, and slept until I had to go to work the next day. After work Saturday I met up with lemur_lady and Icey, and we went out for sushi, before meeting up with ewysiwyg to go see Snakes on a Plane! That was rather entertaining. lemur_lady spent the night Saturday and we hit IHOP for breakfast, and then after she left Icey came over and helped me with some cleaning until hotarugirl came over and we all went out to Outback. hotarugirl stayed over last night and then went to a job interview this morning – with luck, she’ll get a job and move here to Indy soon, which would be fun.

Today I’m back at work, with is really frickin’ irritating. I’m back to my usual job, which is nice, except I have to get used to the higher call volume again, and today it’s pretty much been Idiots on Parade. I’m also used to the night shift, which is a little quieter – today, it’s been non-stop. Bleh.

Ah, well. At least I have a job. B^)

"Support states' rights, which means the US Attorney General can tell states what local voter initiatives they have a right to adopt."
– GOP Logic