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Week in Review

This week has been relatively better. My mom was really bad during the middle of the week, but she seems to be getting better again – the difference between Wednesday and yesterday was startling. I’m hoping this will hold, and she can start getting her life back together. I still don’t know if she has to move by October 1st, but she seems intent on staying, so I guess I’ll not worry.

The week started out well. On Sunday lildomino, hotarugirl and I went to the Indy Irish Fest for breakfast and to see the kilt race. I escaped the festival without spending much money, and then Hotarugirl and I went back to Lildomino’s while Lildomino went to work. I was dead-tired all morning from staying out late at cmhusted and Jalyru’s, so Hotarugirl insisted I nap until Lildomino got home. We all had dinner together, and then Hotarugirl and I role-played while Lildomino got some sleep. It was excellent to see Hotarugirl and get some rare role-playing in before Hotarugirl had to head back to E’ville.

Monday icespark and I ran a Jem and the Holograms TinyPlot on the tfumux. I was expecting some snarky amusement, but I was completely unprepared for the level of straight-out fun I had playing Kimber of the Holograms against sydneygb’s Major Bludd. I could almost picture him twirling his metaphorical mustache in old skool villainy. I had the most fun I’ve had on the MUX on a while.

Tuesday I wanted to be productive, so Lildomino lured me over to her house to get things done while she studied. This actually works out rather well, since I get less distracted at Lildomino’s house (as long as she doesn’t have the TV on), and it’s nice to just have Lildomino around in general. B^) Lildomino went to bed early and I joined her, getting a good night sleep for a change.

Wednesday I’d planned another productivity night at home so I could do laundry and maybe continue the MUX TP I’d started Monday. Icespark would up having a really horrible day, so I invited her to come over and hang out with me while I putzed around. I took an hour out to nestle in with her and watch prerecorded media, and then she snuggled up next to me while I got back on the MUX to play an entertaining interrogation scene between Kimber and Major Bludd.

Thursday after work I went to mishiell’s, and we ran out to grab Chinese food before cuddling up and watching Firefly, finally finishing the pilot, which we’d started watching during a previous get-together. Mishiell wasn’t feeling very energetic, so we took it easy and went to bed early. This led me to getting another good night’s sleep, which might possibly be a new record.

Tonight I plan to get together with Lildomino. Unfortunately, this is my last weekday for at least a month where I’ll get out before 10 PM, so Lildomino and I are going to take advantage of our last night for a while to hang out before she’s asleep (she has early-morning class and work most days). I’m not sure what we’ll do yet, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it involves hanging out on laptops. Edit: We got yummy Cuban sammiches and are going to try to watch TV over the Internets.

Tomorrow Lildomino and I plan to sleep in while we can, and then go to Pagan Pride Day. Tomorrow evening Icespark is getting to play with the Circle City Socialites at their first bout, so that should be fun and exciting. Afterward we were invited to a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but presumably Icespark will be so bruised and exhausted that I’ll probably feed her, prop her up on some pillows, ice her joints, and play DVDs.

Have a good weekend, everyone! Hope to see some of you Indy folks at PPD and/or the bout!

"Everybody’s children are so special. It makes you wonder where all the ordinary grown-ups come from."
-- Samantha Morton, Code 46
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