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Week in Review

This has been a very stressful week, with a few very nice moments in between. Most of the stress comes from my mom, who is manic and spent the first half of the week trying to get out of the stress center, and the rest of the week driving my sister and me crazy. She's managed to get kicked out of her apartment (though she's fighting it) for scaring her neighbors, and so my sister and I have been trying to figure out what to do with her at month's end.

My week actually started off good. Sunday cassiopia was still here, and even though I spent a good chuck of the day in Bloomington helping my sister clean my mom's apartment in preparation for moving, that night I got to return to Indy to go see Great Big Sea with cassiopia. The show was a lot of fun, and since we were at the Music Mill we were able to hang out right next to the stage.

Monday has traditionally been my MUX night, but I've been making that more optional so that every week icespark doesn't have to spend all night staring at the side of my head. I brought over the cool socks that ona_tangent had made for icespark, and icespark got to have a quiet evening hanging out that didn't involve me stressing over the MUX.

Tuesday night was supposed to be a productivity night, but I wound up on the phone most of the evening and didn't actually accomplish much. I did get to spend some time with lildomino between and after the phone calls, so the evening wasn't completely a wash. Wednesday is usually the only day lildomino can hang out because of her nursing school schedule, but she got a break this week and didn't have class Wednesday morning.

Since I didn't get much done Tuesday night, Wednesday lildomino offered to come hang out at my apartment and read while I tried to get things done. That worked out well, and laundry and assisted-living research is a lot more pleasant when there's a cute nerd girl reading in your bed. lildomino's presence also helped keep me from getting too stressed out or distracted by less-important tasks, so the evening quite nice.

Thursday icespark and mishiell went to Perkins to have dinner with pandara and salamander42. We'd met pandara at the Poly Meetup while back, but hadn't gotten a chance to meet her boyfriend salamander42, so we planned late-night coffee as an excuse to drag him out after work. We were all tired and worn out from hard days/week all 'round, but it was still great to meet salamander42 and to hang out with everyone else.

Last night mishiell and I went over to elbanditorojo's to play Runebound Second Edition. We'd actually intended to have a night when we could hang out alone for a huge chunk of time and have a date night (as opposed to the usual case, where by time I get off work it's nearly time to sleep), but elbanditorojo had one of his rare nights free, so instead we wound up hanging out at his house until 4 AM. *chuckle*

Today mishiell and I are going to a poly picnic for a few hours, and then I'm driving down to Bloomington to meet hotarugirl at cmhusted and Jalyru's for cmhusted's birthday party. Jalyru has fun hinjinx planned, so it should be entertaining at least. Before I head to the picnic I need to run by elbanditorojo's to make sure I didn't drop my flash drive getting into my car at 4 AM.

Tomorrow hotarugirl and I hope to kidnap lildomino to the Indy Irish Fest, but apparently lildomino is so far behind with her work we might night be able to spring her for any fun this weekend. Either way Sunday night I plan to run hotarugirl's World of Darkness campaign, since she and I haven't gotten to RP in ever. Hope everyone else has a good weekend!

I could survive for 54 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

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