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Week in Review

Last Sunday was great. icespark and I drove to Dayton, OH, so she could take part in an open scrimmage with the Gem City Rollergirls. We got to see calyhexinmate and dunmurderin, as well as snowtiger42 and firesong_jb, which was a rare treat. After the game snowtiger42 and firesong_jb had to go, but calyhexinmate and dunmurderin joined us for dinner with the other rollergirls from both teams. After dinner we hung out with calyhexinmate and dunmurderin at their apartment for a while, and then headed back to Indy so I could visit lildomino and hotarugirl.

Monday icespark and I got on the MUX, and partially since sydneygb was starting to despair about the lack of RP and partially because I’m worried my early-ish shift won’t last, we nailed down a definite time to run our little Jem TP. I logged on Cobra Commander to help speed things along, and had a good time role-playing with icespark and sydneygb as the Commander. The TP is scheduled for September 22nd.

Tuesday after work I brought food to icespark and to lildomino, who wasn’t feeling well, and then went over to Jeki’s. Unfortunately, by the time I got to Jeki’s, she was already half-asleep, and even though she’d napped while waiting for me, she was too tired to stay up very much longer after I got there. Still, it was good to see her even for a short visit, and with luck I can find another time to visit her soon.

Wednesday night I went over to lildomino’s to keep her company while she’s sick. We watched TV for a while, and then lildomino went to sleep. I stayed up for a while and played on my laptop, but of course by the time I started being productive it was time for bed. I was tempted to stay up anyway, but I ultimately chose a good night’s sleep over further writing.

mishiell came over to my apartment Thursday after her hair appointment. We’d planned to role-play, but she arrived later than she’d planned and we decided to put off role-playing again until a night we could start earlier. Instead, we snuggled and watched Robot Chicken and Firefly until mishiell started getting too sleepy and we turned off the DVD.

Last night cassiopia came to visit. While waiting for her to arrive, icespark and I had planned to have dinner with Brre, D@\\, D0, and Tiwore, but we couldn’t get a hold of them so we wound up just having dinner ourselves. icespark went home after dinner and soon after cassiopia arrived. We watched an awesome comedy called Fido, which we highly recommend to all fans of the zombie.

This morning cassiopia and I got up and went to Le Peep for breakfast, and then stopped at CVS for drinks and snacks before coming back to my apartment for a nap. Right now she’s reading while I catch up on a little bit of journaling for the week. We haven’t decided what to do tonight, but it will probably involve the consumption of more food and pre-recorded entertainment media. Edit: We decided to go to Ichiban and see a movie. B^)

Tomorrow I have to head to Bloomington for a couple of hours to help my sister clean my mother’s apartment and get her ready to move; after that, I’m driving back to Indy so cassiopia and I can go see Great Big Sea. It’s certainly been pleasant to have some non-rushed time to just hang out and spent time with cassiopia. B^) Off to get ready for the rare dinner-and-a-movie!

Headline of the day, per sargiegirl76
Bush: Better human intelligence needed
Yeah, that pretty much covers it. ;)

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