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Labor Day Weekend

Aside from some bad news and relationship stress, I had a very good Labor Day weekend. Friday after work I drove out to see cassiopia. She’s been having problems lately with the fact that I’m two hours away, so we talked and tried to figure out how we can make things easier for her. We didn’t come up with any major solutions, but I’m going to try my best to make her happier.

Saturday I got up and drove to Chicago to see alanka. alanka and I only get to see each other about twice a year since she lives in Marshfield, WI. She has an aunt and uncle who live in Chicago, so we met there again to hang out somewhere centrally-located. Her uncle is an award-winning grill master, so it wound up being an excellent weekend to hang out with them!

While I was in Chicago, however, I got very bad news. A friend of mine had a stroke recently, and this weekend things took a turn for the worse. I’d asked people to keep me up to date, but although I’m acquainted enough with the couple to really like and respect them, I’m not close enough to do anything to help. I wound up feeling bad and slightly guilty for having a good time.

Since I was rather subdued Saturday night, alanka got some homework done and we hung out with her family. Sunday alanka and I slept most of the day, and then rejoined her family for more company and food. alanka finished the last of her homework while I finished reading The Rebellion of Yale Marratt. Then we caught even more sleep before I had to head back Monday.

It doesn’t sound like much typed out, but a weekend of catching up, eating, reading, sleeping, and snuggling was a fantastic way spend our rare time together. Even though we don’t see each other often, alanka and I are really good about reconnecting without feeling like any time has passed in between. We’re hoping she can visit Indianapolis for her birthday in December.

Monday I drove back and met up with icespark. icespark is also having problems feeling like I’m a “part-time” boyfriend. She continually contrasts what I feel is a pleasant comfort level with the “excitement” of new and seldom-seen people. While I can’t suddenly become a four-day-a-week sleepover person, I am going to try to demonstrate more that I am excited to see and spend time with icespark.

icespark and I made some initial headway with our relationship problems, and then went out to eat. When we got back to her apartment we got on our laptops for a bit while I MUXed, but then set a log-out time to go to bed and watch Bones. There seems to be a problem with one of icespark’s Bones discs, but otherwise snuggling and watching DVDs was a first-rate end to the weekend.

"Being lectured by the president on fiscal responsibility is a little like Tony Soprano talking to me about law and order in this country."
-- Sen. John Kerry, in his final presidential debate (Newsweek)

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