Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Week in Review

Wow! What an overall relaxing week. After such a good weekend with lildomino, I was waiting for Murphy's Hammer to fall and to restore
the karmic balance by giving me an awful day at work. I was tempting fate
by pointing out every day how happy I was that nothing bad had happened yet,
but it was worth just be able to acknowledge and recognize when things are

Monday after work I went over to icespark's for MUX night, but by
the time I got there and after eating I was just too tired and felt it was
too late to log on. Instead, icespark and I went to bed and
watched more of first-season Bones. I know icespark gets tired of staring at the
side of my head on MUX nights, so it was uplifting to just let go of MUX
guilt and enjoy and evening focusing on just spending time with icespark.

Since I blew off my MUX duties on Monday night, Tuesday I got online from
home and got in some role-play. It was rather nice to sneak on a different
night from usual and catch people I don't always get to see. I got in some
fun RP with a character called Ayano, as well as chatting with a few other
players. I didn't get much else done Tuesday night, but it was a good
social decompression night.

Wednesday night mishiell and I were planning to role-play Star
Trek, but I got there a little late, and so we decided that maybe next
month, when I get off work at 7:30 PM, would be a better choice for
role-playing since we could start earlier. Instead, mishiell fed
me very yummy chicken and rice, and we retired to bed early to snuggle,
talk, and catch up on news and ongoing relationships.

Last night I took another night to myself, and had a long pleasant phone
conversation with radclyff while I folded and put away almost
every article of clean clothing in my house, including the dismantling of
Mount Laundry on my futon. I then got back on the MUX for a while, and then
packed for the weekend and read more of The
Rebellion of Yale Marratt
, which I'm very close to finishing.

Tonight I expected Murphy's Hammer to finally fall, since I'm the only one
here with even cursory understanding of ISDN, and it being the last Friday
of the month. However, although it's been crazy busy, overall the
stress-level is manageable. Tonight after work I'm driving to Illinois to
see cassiopia and spend the night, which is long overdue 'cause I
miss her.

Tomorrow I'm driving up to Chicago to spend the weekend with alanka since we had to reschedule our original Memorial Day Weekend
plans. I'll get alone-time with alanka on Saturday, and then
Sunday I'm heading up with her to Milwaukee to spend time with her family. It
should be a enjoyable time catching up with her, even if most of my actual
Labor Day will be spent driving back from Wisconsin as a result.

Have a good weekend, all!

"Go away or I'll call the Brute Squad."
"I'm on the Brute Squad."
"You ARE the Brute Squad!"
-- Miracle Max and Fezzik, Princess

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