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Vegas, Baby!

Monday night I went over to icespark's for MUX night. As usual,
by the time I logged on most people had gone to bed, but I did get in a
little role-play with the few that were still online, as well as getting
admin work done. Since it was so quiet on the MUX, I'd planned to go to bed
early with icespark and maybe watch Bones, but by the time
we got off our laptops it was too late.

Tuesday night I went over to lildomino's to help calm her down
before her first day of nursing school. When I got there Scorpio and she
needed help moving a large desk into her guest room, which she hopes to rent
out. Once we got the desk moved, Scorpio left and lildomino and I
went shopping for food to get lildomino through her first week of
school. Then lildomino fretted about the cost of books until bed.

Wednesday was incredibly stressful at work, so mishiell gave me
time to myself before she came over. When she joined me, we went downstairs
and soaked in the hot tub, and she worked on my neck, shoulders, and feet
until I felt more relaxed. We went upstairs and showered, and while I'd
thought about role-playing or watching DVDs, we would up passing out and
sleeping until morning.

Last night I went out for coffee with a cute woman we'd met at the Poly
Meetup. I terrorized her with tales of my drama-filled past, and made sure
that she knew that even though there's obviously mutual attraction, I'm
pretty well poly-saturated at the moment. icespark was having a
phenomenally bad day, so when I left Perkins I headed to icespark's house to give her cuddles.

This morning icespark and I met radclyff at my apartment
building and took her out for lunch. She was passing through on the way to
Bloomington, and we were lucky enough to be able to kidnap her to Le Peep
while she was in town. I had an enjoyable lunch with both of them, and only
with great reluctance went to work. Tonight I'm packing and then going over
to lildomino's…

… because this weekend we're going to Vegas, baby! lildomino is a
serious Trekkie, and one of the thing on her Life To Do List is to see the Star Trek Experience. Unfortunately
Star Trek: The Experience will be closing September 1st, so some-day had to
become NOW! We're leaving early tomorrow morning, flying to Vegas, spending
all day at the attraction, and then returning Sunday.

Should be geeky fun! Wish us long life and prosperity!

"Bill Clinton showed himself to be more than a good politician. In the White
House, the whole nation witnessed his brilliance. ... The president was not
the kind to give up a fight. His staffers were known to say that if Clinton
were the Titanic, the iceberg would sink."

-- President Bush, praising his predecessor during the dedication of the
Clinton presidential library (San Jose Mercury News)

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