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Week in Review

Sunday icespark and I made it back just fine on Sunday, stopping at Waffle House for lunch on the way. When we got home we napped in the A/C, and then went out to Outback for dinner before I went over to my girlfriend lildomino’s to spend the evening. lildomino had gotten sun-burnt over the weekend and was sleepy, so we skipped the idea of DVD-watching and would up going to bed early.

Monday after work I went over to icespark’s to MUX. She made yummy sausages, and I ate while I logged into the MUX. There wasn’t a lot happening on tfumux – a number of the admin are burned out, and some of the new player energy has worn down – so I played for a while and then eventually gave up and went to bed.

Tuesday was insanely stressful. My mother is bipolar, and this week she had a full manic episode. My sister called me Monday to tell me I had to cancel my plans to take care of her, but by Tuesday it was obvious she needed to go into the hospital *now*. Work was horrible, and my crazy mom calling all day didn’t help. After work I hid in my apartment and talked to hotarugirl, ona_tangent, and lildomino until I felt better.

Wednesday I felt a little healthier after a night to myself. My mom finally got in the hospital, and while work was crazy it was not as bad as Tuesday. After work I went to mishiell’s. She fed me while we hung out and listened to music. We were planning to role-play, but she was feeling “washed out” so we decided to just snuggle and watch The Tick instead. I had a painful crick in my neck from all the stress this week, so mishiell worked on my shoulders until I could turn my head again, and then we snuggled to sleep.

Last night I went home to get ready for this weekend. lildomino came over, and so I made spaghetti with vodka sauce for the two of us. Her day was shorter than she thought it would be, but she was still worn out from running around crazy trying to get everything done, so after we ate we snuggled and she fell asleep pretty quickly. I got up to do a little more laundry, and then rejoined her to sleep.

Today hasn’t been that bad for a Friday, which is especially surprising after how horrible the beginning of the week was. I was melancholy when I got here, but after journaling about the weekend on my lunch and breaks I’m feeling a lot better. Tonight cassiopia’s coming to visit. It’ll be a short visit, but still good to see her. This month and next have been and will be horrible for scheduling, so we’ll squeezing in the visits where we can.

Tomorrow morning I have to leave at 8 AM to drive down to Evansville to go to a wedding with hotarugirl. This week marks the two-year anniversary of when hotarugirl and I started dating again, and we’re both happy that there’s no sign of us being sick of each other yet (maybe the long-distance nature of our relationship helps alleviate my annoying qualities this time around!). w00t!

This weekend is also tentacularone’s birthday, so Sunday hotarugirl and I are going to hang out with her and her friends. I really enjoyed meeting and playing Paranoia with them on previous visits, so it will be nice to get a chance to hang out with them again. It limits how much “alone” time hotarugirl and I will have this weekend, but I like her friends enough that it’s more than worth it to me.

Next week I’m on vacation for gencon, but whether or not that translates into any actual free time is up in the air. I plan to visit my mom on Monday on the way back from Evansville and then got to icespark’s for MUX night (I hope getting online a little earlier than usual). Tuesday I'm going to Poly Meetup Night. Wednesday night elbanditorojo is coming over for a very *not-girly* RP sleepover, and then Thursday through Sunday is gencon. Aieee!!

Have a good weekend, all! See some of you next week at the Con!

"It's been reported that Mary-Kate Olsen doesn't like going to school at NYU, and she's thinking of dropping out of college. When asked why, Mary-Kate said, `I have a billion dollars.' "
-- Conan O'Brien (Entertainment Weekly)

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