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Up and Down Week - Mostly Up

Last Sunday morning in Evansville hotarugirl called to get us a late checkout so we could sleep in and enjoy the hotel room before we had to leave. We had breakfast at Bob Evans and had planned to go see The Dark Knight but it was sold out. Instead, we went back to her house to watch The Venture Bros. before I headed back to Indy to snuggle with lildomino.

Monday I had a shitty day at work, but icespark improved my mood vastly with an extremely lovely ‘welcome home’ when I got to her house, as well as a delicious sausage pasta concoction. I didn’t get any role-playing in on the MUX – by the time I got my admin-work done, it was too late to start anything – but it was a surprisingly enjoyable evening nonetheless.

Tuesday was another stressful day at work, so when I went over mishiell’s she provided me with comfort food and then gave me a very pleasant massage while we watched/listened to The Tick. Once I was relaxed and in a better mood, I reciprocated as best I could before we showered and went to sleep.

Wednesday I took a night to myself, and just hid in my apartment to do laundry and work on cleaning and journaling. As always, I spent most of the night procrastinating and puttering, and then at the last minute made posts to inrp before reading and trying to get some sleep. I stayed up far too late, but it was good to have alone-time to recharge my social batteries.

Thursday night I went over to icespark’s after work, and brought my new roller skates to try on. I skated around her kitchen while she reheated yummy food for me, and then we snuggled and watched Netflix on Demand. We’d planned to go to bed early so I could get up and be productive, but instead we wound up staying up until three or four AM.

Friday after work I picked up lildomino and icespark and we met leahcim32 and a friend at the theatre to finally watch The Dark Knight. Aside from disagreeing with the ending (although I understood why they ended things that way), I loved the movie, and I join the chorus of those who feel Heath Ledger was unbelievable and impossible to follow. I wouldn’t want to be the one to try to take up the villain mantle in Batman Begins 3, that’s for sure.

Today lildomino and I worked on her house in preparation for an assessment. hotarugirl came up for a romantic date weekend, but she’s not feeling well, so instead lildomino and I are trying to take care of her until she feels better. We hung out and watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and we are now heading to bed relatively early.

Tomorrow lildomino, hotarugirl and I are going to an art museum and then out to dinner. We’re going to try to avoid the crazy race fans descending on Speedway, and will prolly hang out and swim at my apartment before heading back when the smoke has cleared. With luck hotarugirl will feel better tomorrow so she can be better able to enjoy her visit. Either way it’s nice to have her here with us.

This week has been really stressful at work and financially since I got screwed over by my cell bill and have been broke, even after I got my paycheck, since I’m still $770 behind budget. My friends and lovers have really gone out of their way to help me out and make me feel less agitated and depressed, and I greatly appreciate it. I hope everyone’s weekend is going well! Time to hit the hay.

"I definitely want to settle down in the next couple of years. I want to be a young mom like my mom (was). Having my own daughter to dress up will be fun. I'll dress her like me."
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