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Busy Week

This week has been busy and somewhat sleepless, but good. It started off well – hotarugirl was in town visiting lildomino, and Monday after mishiell went to work I went over to lildomino’s to snuggle with lildomino and hotarugirl until it was time for work. After work I went to icespark’s to MUX, and had fun torturing Autobots with Rick-Roller and Decepticons with Browning. Why are annoying characters so much more fun? Maybe it’s the lack of RL consequences. *snicker*

Tuesday I finally got the cell-phone problem corrected with AT&T. They never called me back, but they credited my account $642.52. I called them back to just to make sure everything was kosher, and bumped my minutes up just in case. That night I got together with lildomino after work, and we hung out and watched TV until she got too sleepy to stay awake. We had to get up early, anyway, so we eventually just went to bed.

Wednesday morning lildomino and I woke up early so I could go to a doctor’s appointment to look into getting a vasectomy. I’m getting some friction about the idea from my mother and a couple other people, but I know that I don’t want any children, and I don’t need the headache, heartache, and stress an accident would create. After the appointment lildomino and I were productive until I had to leave for work, and that evening I went to icespark’s to watch Netflix-on-Demand and spend the night.

Thursday is was icespark’s turn to go to the doctor, and afterward she was so sickly and woozy from anesthesia that I wound up taking off work to look after her until she felt a little more herself. I hung out with icespark until after dinner, and then went over to mishiell’s to launch her new CODA Star Trek campaign. She’s playing a half-Betazoid that wakes up in a cyborg body with no memory of how she got there. I’m playing the evil misguided scientist that “created” her. Fun so far!

Tonight icespark and I had talked about going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the IMA, but since we have to get up early in the morning to drive to Evansville, we’ll probably skip it. Tomorrow icespark is playing in a derby bout versus the Rollergirls of Southern Indiana. Sunday on the way back icespark and I plan to stop at Holiday World, which also should be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to a busy, exciting weekend!

"That's my oldest. People never believe this, but he was a perfect child. College was another matter. But when he was a little boy, he'd put on his cowboy outfit and pretend he was Roy Rogers. He'd entertain himself for hours fighting the bad guys -- or, as he called them, the axis of evil."
-- Barbara Bush, describing her son, President Bush (San Francisco Chronicle)

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