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Good Week

Aside from some unexpected stress, this has been a good week. Monday I had a lot of fun MUXing. I finally got to unleash the evil horror that is Rick-Roller onto the MUX, and he's already found a young disciple of Astley in Over Kill. It's going to be sad for me not to temp Blaster anymore, but our new Blaster sweems pretty cool. Now we just have to lure Snoop out of her cave to play with said new Blaster.

Tuesday I'd planned to log onto the MUX again to attend a meeting, but when I stopped to take money out of my ATM I got a nasty shock -- I was unexpectedly overdrawn. I ran home to log onto my bank website, and it turns out that AT&T charged me $770 for my cell phone bill last month. I called them, and it turns out that when I re-upped my contact last month, it broke my family plan and my second line ran up $550 in charges instead of sharing my minutes.

AT&T said they'd get back to me about fixing my account, but it's Sunday and I haven't heard back from them yet. Since I was unexpectedly broke, lildomino was sweet and brought over cash and food to hold me over until payday. Since I was stressed, she also provided snuggles until I felt better, although by that point my second MUX night was ruined. She did lend me cash to buy Star Trek RPG books from eBay, so at least the high-priority items were covered. >B^)

Wednesday was a much better night in terms of stress. lemur_lady came up to see me after work, and while I was waiting for her I managed to get some things done around my apartment to make up for Tuesday night's lack of productivity. lemur_lady and I ran up to Barnes & Nobles for some late-night chai and cheesecake, and then back to my apartment to cuddle and catch up.

I haven't seen lemur_lady since March (my plan to see her for her birthday got pwn3d), so while she was in town I took Thursday off so we could have more time to hang out. We both work up realtively early, so we went to IHOP for breakfast, and then hit the yarn stores. We went back to my apartment so she could exercise and we could cuddle, and then we showered and met icespark for dinner before lemur_lady headed back down to Bloomington.

After dinner icespark and I went to see Weird Al in concert. icespark had never seen a Weird Al show, so she'd bought us tickets for my birthday so the two of us could go as a date. icespark said she had a surprisingly good time, and I of course had a great time as always. We both had Thursday off for Independence Day, so after the show we stayed up until dawn watching Dexter.

Five minutes after we turned off the TV icespark's alarm went off, so I reased her about going in to work. icespark and I actually wound up sleeping in really late, and then icespark grilled yummy burgers, corn, and sausages for lunch. We hung out a bit longer and then I went over to lildomino's so we could walk up and enjoy the fireworks from the park next to the Speedway. After snuggling and watching the fireworks show lildomino and I headed back to her house to sleep.

Saturday lildomino and I slept late, got up long enough to eat cereal and yogurt, and then took a nap. We could have probably spent all day in bed, but I had plans to meet mishiell. lildomino brought me home, and about five minutes later mishiell showed up to pick me up. mishiell and I went out to eat, and then went to The Retreat for an Independence Day party complete with naked swimming *(woot!)* It was too cold to swim much, but the fireworks were pretty.

Today mishiell and I got up early enough to run out for breakfast and for me to run up to my work to see if my flash drive is there (since I seem to have lost it again). No dice, so we dropped my her apartment so she could grab a few things, and then we're stopping my Half-Price Books and then back to my place to do laundry and make Star Trek RPG characters. Ah, geek love!
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