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Anniversary Weekend with Lildomino

I had a very pleasant weekend with lildomino. We finally got a chance to take a few days off to hang out and actually go out on a date that required leaving the house. I love our quiet nights where we just hang out and geeky together, but lildomino was getting frustrated at the fact that by the time I get off work, she’s already sleepy.

Friday I had to work late (as always), so by the time I got to lildomino’s she was already pretty heavy-eyed. I brought her ice-cream, and we sat in her living room and played on our laptops. lildomino said she was sleepy and we should head to bed, but it was almost 3 AM before we actually moved to the bedroom and snuggled up to sleep.

Saturday we got up relatively early so we could both get the oil changed on our cars (ah, romance!) While they worked on our cars, we walked up to Rally’s and got lunch to bring back. Even though we got appointments, we still had to wait for quite some time, and since lildomino’s car was done first she headed home first and I followed her.

The garage told lildomino she needed a new alternator, but she got a second opinion and decided to just replace her nine-year-old battery first and see if that fixed her problem. She joked that every anniversary we wind up at Autozone, and I speculated about what could go wrong with our cars next year.

We went back to lildomino’s and hung out until we got hungry again. lildomino put on a very pretty dress and we went out to Grindstone Charlie’s to eat. lildomino has a gift for being very cute and sexy at the same time, with a solid dose of silly, which anyone familiar with me knows is a perfect combination for me.

After dinner went back to lildomino’s house. We went out to her deck to enjoy the pleasant summer weather around sunset. When it got dark we packed up and headed to my apartment. We danced to Van Morrison’s “Moon Dance,” and then went down to the hot tub, where we met an interesting fellow who writes for The Word.

When we got back upstairs we set up my laptop to watch some Netflix on Demand. At first we were thinking of watching Super Size Me. hotarugirl mocked us for our unromantic choice, but eventually we settled on an “instructional video” exploring the Kama Sutra.

However, the positions and presentation of the Kama Sutra video lent itself much more to mocking than emulation, and by the time it was over the oh-so-proper British announcer had pretty much put us to sleep. We turned off the laptop and snuggled up together to snooze.

Sunday lildomino and I planned to have breakfast before I picked lemur_lady up at the bus station. However, the transportation gods once again intervened, and lemur_lady wound up stranded in Chicago. So, after lildomino and I grabbed a quick bite at Au Bon Pain, I kissed lildomino goodbye and headed up to Chicago to go get lemur_lady.

The drive to Chicago was painless, besides a short panic when construction suddenly shunted me off to a highway I didn’t want to be on. However, I quickly reestablished my way, and picked up lemur_lady without any further incident. She looked cool with her new haircut, but was understandably exhausted from her lengthy bus ride from Minnesota.

I asked if lemur_lady wanted anything to eat while we were in Chicago, but mostly she just wanted to get on our way. I wound up flummoxed by the same construction, and going several miles out of our way – luckily lemur_lady was pretty understanding about me adding even more time to her too-long-already trip.

When we got back to Bloomington, lemur_lady’s parents treated us to an extremely yummy dinner. After eating, lemur_lady was ready to stretch, shower, and sleep, so I bid her good-bye until Wednesday and headed back to Indy. When I got to lildomino’s I helped her move out her old bed and move in her bigger, comfier new bed, which we collapsed into and slept.

I had a great time this weekend, and I’m glad lildomino was understanding about my short little ten-hour break to pick up lemur_lady. lildomino and I definitely need to spend more awake-time together like this, especially before she starts nursing school and becomes a study zombie.

Happy anniversary, lildomino! I love you!
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