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Busy Week

Monday was a long, rough day. After driving back from a pleasant weekend in Illinois and then working eight hours, I was tired and worn out by the time I got onto the MUX. I had a million people asking me questions, and was too irritable to do what I’d planned for the evening. icespark wasn’t feeling well, so she wasn’t in the greatest of moods either, so we wound up sniping at each other all night.

Tuesday morning icespark and I apologized to each other for being cranky, and made up before I went to work. After work I got to talk with hotarugirl for a while before lildomino came over to hang out and catch me up on Lolcats. I did laundry and cleaned off my Blackjack for her to use to keep better in touch through the magic of QWERTY keyboard text messaging. I wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be, but at least I had a night at home in my apartment.

Wednesday mishiell and I had conflicting ideas of when we were getting together. I thought Wednesday night; mishiell thought Thursday after my ‘date’ with elbanditorojo. We compromised by having me drop by for an hour or so after work, and then I went home to try to be productive while she went to sleep, planning to get together again Friday morning since mishiell had the day off. I got more laundry and reading accomplished, and researched for a possible Star Trek RPG.

Thursday after work elbanditorojo and I went to IHOP after work since we’re both working the same shift but seldom have time to just hang out and catch up. After IHOP mishiell came over to my apartment and we talked about ways I could better organize my dwelling so it’s not as much of a storage space with a bed. B^) We watched some The Venture Bros. before I got too sleepy to stay up (mishiell had taken a nap and had far more energy).

Tonight starts my make-up anniversary weekend with lildomino (our actual anniversary was pre-empted by a wedding, so lildomino was sweet enough to reschedule). However, lildomino’s been worked to near-death by her boss this week, so tonight will probably be some low-key Netflix-on-Demand-watching before lildomino passes out. I’m probably going to be pretty wiped as well, since it’s the last Friday of the month and elbanditorojo had to take off work for an emergency.

Tomorrow lildomino made us appointments to get the oil changed in our car, and then tomorrow night we’re going out for a Romantic Evening™,; one that doesn’t involve us sitting in front of the TV on our laptops – at least, not at first. >B^) lildomino and I are usually too broke and tired to do much that is fun or romantic (not that I don’t love all the quiet evenings just hanging out), so I’m going to try my best this weekend to get us out of the house while we have the chance.

Sunday lemur_lady is coming in to town (squee!). I’m going to pick her up at the bus station and drive her down to Bloomington, where I’ll get to have dinner with her family and her. She plans to come up and spend the night on Wednesday, so it’ll be good to see her again while she’s in Indiana. I’ve missed her way too much since she moved to Minnesota, especially since neither of us are especially good at maintaining day-to-day contact long distance. So, again, squee!

"Let's be clear. We've always had gay bishops. All I'm doing is being honest about it."
-- Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, on being the church's first openly gay bishop (Newsweek)

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