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Week in Review

Monday some very pretty storms moved through Indy, so we watched them at work through the floor-to-ceiling windows of our 17th-floor office, which was the only good part of an otherwise record-breaking-awful workday. After work I went over to icespark’s, and she turned out the lights and opened the blinds so we could watch the lightning while I MUXed.

Tuesday night lildomino came over, and we shared some leftover Chinese food while watching Penn & Teller: Bullshit! lildomino was rather sleepy, so eventually I tucked her in and let her sleep while I did laundry and gathered clothes for this weekend. It was very pleasant to be able to get things done I needed to Tuesday night and then snuggle up to lildomino when it was time to sleep.

My date with mishiell Wednesday night was the perfect antidote to the awful workday that preceded it. When I got off work dinner was ready, and mishiell set me up with yummy chicken and veggie stir fry. She said it only took a few minutes to make, but it was absolutely delicious. I was still extremely stressed from work, but good food and mishiell’s presence improved my mood rapidly.

Thursday night after work I stopped at Steak N Shake to get food and then brought it to lildomino’s for a late dinner. Saturday is our two-year anniversary, but since I would be out of town we rescheduled a celebratory date for later in the month, and spent Thursday hanging out and snuggling. We watched late-night broadcast TV in the living room, then Bullshit! on my computer before bed.

Friday morning I brought icespark breakfast and then we drove to St. Louis for her brother’s wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We drove through three nasty storms before we even got out of Indiana, and were almost late. The rehearsal was painless, and the dinner excellent. After we ate we went back to the hotel to snuggle and sleep.

Saturday icespark had to leave early to get her hair done, so I stayed in the hotel and talked to lildomino to wish her a happy anniversary. At one I picked up icespark’s aunt and grandmother and drove them to the wedding. The ceremony was sweet if weirdly Catholic and the reception was fun. I really like most of icespark’s family, old and new.

Today icespark and I got up in time to check out of our hotel, and hung out with icespark’s family a bit before driving back to Indy. We grabbed food at Outback, and now we’re hanging out a bit before I head over to lildomino’s to snuggle and sleep. lildomino and hotarugirl bought me a new side mirror for my car for my birthday, and this weekend lildomino was sweet enough to replace my mirror and get me new tires while I was out of town. So, I owe her a lot of snuggles!

The wedding weekend was fun, although attending a wedding with icespark’s friends and family made me a little wistful. Not for romance – I’m damned happy with my love life, and can’t imagine it any better without control of the space-time continuum – but due to the fact that icespark and so many of her family and friends are engineers. I remember when I used to have potential! Oy…

"That's my oldest. People never believe this, but he was a perfect child. College was another matter. But when he was a little boy, he'd put on his cowboy outfit and pretend he was Roy Rogers. He'd entertain himself for hours fighting the bad guys -- or, as he called them, the axis of evil."
-- Barbara Bush, describing her son, President Bush (San Francisco Chronicle)

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