Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Last Week: My Birthday!

My birthday last week was great. I had the day off Tuesday for my birthday, and I spent the day with icespark while she teleworked. We then we met Asmy, that_girl_lola, lildomino, elbanditorojo, and mishiell for dinner at Outback. We hung out at the restaurant until 10 and then icespark and I went back to icespark’s to watch Bullshit! We went to bed and started a movie, but only watched half of it before going to sleep.

Wednesday I stayed home to hide out and get things done. I have a lot of plans and people visiting for the weekend, so I wanted to spend one night alone recharging my social batteries. I did laundry and read graphic novels, and as always, planned to journal without getting much written. Still, it was a pleasant, quiet respite before fun weekend fun social chaos!

Thursday evening I had a sweet date with mishiell. When I got off work I went to her apartment. She made a yummy dinner of salad, green beans, and pasta. We joked about her sneaking healthy green things into my otherwise junk-food diet, but the meal was very good. After putting the leftovers away we snuggled on her couch to watch Cursed. Somehow I completely missed seeing this movie the first time around, but it was a complete tongue-in-cheek hoot of a werewolf horror movie, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

hotarugirl came up on Friday to visit for the weekend. We’d realized recently that since she started dating lildomino we haven’t spent a lot of time alone together, so we took Friday as a night just for the two of us. hotarugirl wore her hair in pigtails for me, which made her look even more cute than usual. She brought her new paddle, so she let me give her my spankings, which was a lot of fun. My night with hotarugirl was a perfect beginning for my birthday weekend.
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