Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Anniversary with Lildomino

Saturday marks the two-year anniversary of my first date with lildomino. I remember being rather nervous, and trying hard not to be The Creepy Guy, since I’m the first member of the opposite sex that lildomino had gone out with since her Academy days. My memories of that night are full of excitement and joy at finally getting lildomino alone to talk about anything we wanted without being overshadowed by louder, stronger personalities.

Looking back in my journal, the week of my first date with lildomino was actually an awful time for me. Going out with lildomino was one of the few bright spots in a sad and miserable time, but after some pretty serious road bumps, my relationship with lildomino has grown to become a constant source of comfort and happiness to me. I am very lucky and pleased to have lildomino in my life, and I hope to have the opportunity to celebrate many anniversaries with her in the future.
Tags: anniversary, happiness, lildomino

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