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Short (?) Week in Review

This has technically been a short week, since I had Monday and Tuesday off, but work has been so horrible on the days I did work that it’s seemed to drag on forever. I’m sure working today (Saturday) isn’t helping. B^) Still, the days off and the nights have been pretty fantastic, so I really shouldn’t complain. This weekend should be fun as well.

Monday after I work up I hung out with lildomino and hotarugirl, had lunch at Panera Bread with dessert from Cold Stone Creamery, and then had a very pleasant send-off from lildomino before going over to icespark’s for yummy grilled sausages and steak. I got to run an off-the-cuff TP as Megatron on tfumux and had a lot of fun.

I had Tuesday off because I had to work today, so I spent the day with icespark, who was teleworking. After some morning snuggles on her break, icespark grilled burgers for lunch while I journalled and was productive got sucked into researching Jem all day for an upcoming TP on the MUX. When icespark ended her work day, we went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which I enjoyed. We had dinner at Red Lobster and then went back to icespark’s for snuggles and sleep.

Wednesday I had a date with mishiell. We took advantage of my earlier schedule this week to have dinner at P.F. Chang's. When we got back to her apartment we copied a mix CD that lemur_lady had made that mishiell loved, and then mishiell let me read her thoughts on polyamory that she’d written in a locked journal entry. It’s interesting to read her developing feelings and thoughts on everything.

Thursday night I had a quick dinner with lildomino and then went back to my apartment to hide and take time to myself before I got cranky. As always, I didn’t get anything done that I’d originally set out to do, but I did clean the rest of my junk off my old phone so I can finally start using my new Blackjack II. I also got to read some of the comics and graphic novels I acquired on Free Comic Book Day.

Last night I went out with a geek horde to see The Fifth Element, which they were showing for free at the IMA. Not only was the movie fun, but it was a also a great chance to see people I haven’t gotten to hang out with in forever. It’s been some time since I was surrounded by people even geekier than I, so that was fun. We weathered a huge storm stupidly bravely sitting in front of massive windows.

Tonight mishiell and I are going out to see The Forbidden Kingdom. We invited the members of subversivepie to join us, and of course any of my Indy friends who read this are welcome to go with as well. Until we hear for certain that people want to come with, we’re going to have dinner first and then play the ‘what showing and where’ by ear. Let me know if you’d like to join us!

Tomorrow my sister and I are taking my mom out for a belated Mother’s Day celebration (Mom was sick on Mother’s Day). When I get back I’m spending the night with lildomino. We’d hoped to sleep in on Monday, but I have to work at eleven AM, so we’re not going to get to sleep in as late as we were hoping. Her boss is gone, but I have to work every day we that we could have taken advantage!

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