Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Old Journal Entry

I had a nice time visiting kaytm in Porter. She's five months pregnant, but you can't really tell yet. It was nice to meet her fiancé, though, and to just spend a weekend hanging out and catching up. I realize the reason I stopped hanging around her was that she drank too much when I visited, but since she's pregnant, I get to hang out with lucid sober kaytm.
Woohoo! B^D

Last week I celebrated the birthdays of that_girl_lola, deniba, and Dajebo. It was actually my friend dunmurderin's birthday, too, but she lives in Ohio now, so I couldn't see her personally. This week I'm only celebrating lemur_lady's birthday. It's keledraigh's birthday this week, too, but we're not that close. B^D
Tags: backdated, birthday, dajebo, deniba, dunmurderin, kaytm, lemur_lady, that_girl_lola, weekend

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