Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Lildomino Birthday Weekend

A change in my work schedule gave me a surprise four-day weekend. Thursday was lildomino’s birthday, so I spent most of my weekend celebrating and hanging out with her. It was extremely pleasant not to have a weekend that was completely over-booked, and although we wound up being rather productive, there was still a good amount of time to just spend time together and relax.

Friday when I got off work I went back to lildomino’s, where she made yummy take-and-bake pizza we’d brought home on her birthday to eat Friday night. While we ate pizza we sat around, watched TV, played on our laptops, and generally just hung out and relaxed. lildomino got sleepy, so she left the living room to go shower. When I went to check on her, she’d passed out, so I eventually joined her.

Saturday morning lildomino and I got to sleep late, and only dragged ourselves out of bed when lildomino got hungry. She made us breakfast, and we ate on the couch, talking about what to do that day. lildomino still wanted a shower, but figured she should wait if she was going to mow the lawn. Eventually she decided to skip mowing, and I joined her in the shower.

Once hotarugirl showed up we hung out, folded laundry, and snuggled. Not wanted into venture out into the land of crazed race fans, we ordered Chinese food and hid out. We all eventually wound up in the living room again, this time the three of us sleepily watching TV. We weren’t terribly productive, but we did have a very pleasant, relaxing day.

Sunday hotarugirl got up early and got us food. Because of all the race traffic, it took her an hour to get back with out food. We thought she was being sweet, but she claimed it was just so we’d be up when she had to leave to go to a baby shower. While hotarugirl was gone, lildomino and I cleaned and planted shrubs.

lildomino’d underestimated how many shrubs she’d need, so hotarugirl picked up one more on the way back. I wound up on the roof with a leaf blower and a big stick, cleaning out lildomino’s gutters and only slightly losing my balance, risking falling off the roof, once. It was actually rather fun overall. When we had cleaned and lildomino mowed all we could, we collapsed back inside for more productive vegging in front of the TV with our individual laptops. Ah, geek love.

Monday after I woke up I hung out more with lildomino and hotarugirl. hotarugirl’s back was hurting, so she’d actually fled to the couch earlier since lildomino’s bed isn’t the most comfortable. We took lildomino out to Panera Bread for lunch, followed by desert from Cold Stone Creamery. We’d hoped to pick up a hand truck so we could move the washer and dryer lildomino bought be out to her garage, but couldn’t before I had to leave.

lildomino gave me a very pleasant send-off, and I snuggled lildomino and hotarugirl good-bye before I headed over to icespark’s for grilled sausages and steaks. My weekend with both of them was fantastic, productive, and restful. I hope lildomino enjoyed her birthday weekend as much as I did. B^)
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