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Week in Review

Work this week has *sucked,* but the rest of my life has been pleasantly calm and sleepy. I’ve been thinking recently how relatively drama-free my life is lately, and how much I appreciate that. I still have conflicts and stress, but most of them are resolved (or at least managed) with a minimum of blow-up and fireworks. I’m happy that my life has gotten quiet and steady. B^)

icespark had off work Tuesday for a doctor’s appointment, so for a change we got to have MUX night at my apartment. However, upgrading my laptop to Vista Service Pack 1 somehow fubarred my Internet preferences, so all night my connection kept jumping to some neighbor’s crappy network and dumping me off the MUX. Still, I got a lot of admin work done, and had a great time temping Megatron.

Tuesday cassiopia drove in from Illinois for a sweet late-night visit. We ate and then snuggled up in my bed to watch some of this season’s BSG that I hadn’t seen yet. We couldn’t stay up too late since she had to drive back in the morning, but it was still fantastic to see her. When she left in the morning I wound up watching two more BSGs, which were all they had posted on the web thus far. So, I’m almost caught up at least.

Wednesday I went over to mishiell’s to test out her new bed hang out. She made dinner for us, so we had time to cuddle and catch up on her couch while we ate. I was supposed to bring over more CDs to copy, but I didn’t bring my bag or laptop, so we tabled that for another night. Her bedroom layout does look very good with her new bed frame and headboard. >B^)

Thursday was lildomino's birthday, so we both took the day off to rest and/or be productive. I brought lildomino her favorite donuts and Diet Coke, and we hung out for a bit before the guilty feelings of ‘we should DO SOMETHING’ took over and drove us from the house. We went to a coffee shop to meet someone so lildomino could interview for a one-night side job, and then lildomino and I went shopping at Meijer. We stopped at Speedway for yummy fountainy beverages, and then went to the mattress store so I could buy a new bed frame. We picked up a fancy birthday dinner from Subway, and a pizza from Papa Murphy’s to eat on Friday night. Then, back to her house to eat and watch TV. Productivity!

Today worked SUCKED, as it has all week. A couple of our experienced techs moved to different departments or retired, and many more are out sick or on special projects. Today the rest took the day off, so all night it was pretty much just me. Mipa is technically here, but he was working on a major cut for the last six hours, so he’s not much help. Ah, the joy of working alone on Friday before a three-day holiday weekend.

Since this weekend we’re celebrating lildomino's birthday, we're going to divide the time between lying around doing nothing, and being productive around her house out of further guilt that we should be doing something. hotarugirl's coming up to visit Saturday night, so she might rope us into being more active.

Sunday I was going to hang out with my mom, but now she's going down to Evansville. So, I'll have more time to hang out with lildomino and hotarugirl. Monday lildomino's parents are coming down to help her with home maintenance, so I'll help with that before going over to icespark's for outdoor grilled food and online role-playing. B^) woot!

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