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Last Week

Oy! Last week was so busy! Someone (hotarugirl?) teased me because I said I didn’t have a lot planned, and it turned out I had MUX/mishiell/lildomino/icespark/Game Night/Roller Derby/icespark on the calendar already. I guess this ten PM schedule is limiting whom I can hang out with, but isn’t actually affording me much more time to myself. Ah, well. B^)

Last Monday when I got off work I went over to icespark’s to MUX. The MUX was somewhat quiet, so I got a lot of admin stuff caught up. I got to chat with people, answer questions, and set up a few plots for some mystical future date when I can get online before eleven PM. After MUXing I joined icespark in bed for welcome snuggles and sleep.

Tuesday night was another great night with mishiell. I went to her apartment and she’d cooked us yummy Chinese stir-fry. We ate on the couch, catching up and talking about the use of chopsticks (even though we were using forks). When we finished eating, we traded music, starting with CDs we bought at the recent Tegan and Sara concert and then branching out to other music we though the other would like.

Wednesday lildomino came over after she escaped from her lab, and we soaked in the hot tub in my apartment building before going upstairs to shower and cuddle. Since she and I have different tastes in music, I set up a Dixie Chicks-based Pandora station just for lildomino, and we snuggled up and listened to music before falling asleep. We actually wound up dozing off and listening to music all night.

Thursday was my four-year anniversary with icespark. I traded work hours with elbanditorojo so icespark and I can do something before ten. lildomino suggested going to Outback, and while we entertained ideas of doing something wildly different, we settled on comfortable familiar yumminess. After dinner we went back to icespark’s for DVD-watching and celebratory snuggles.

Friday night was game night at Brbe and ewysiwyg’s new apartment. icespark and lildomino were too tired to make it, but mishiell was up for going, so she accompanied me to ewysiwyg and Brbe’s to meet a bunch of my crazy friends. Alas, we couldn’t stay late, but it was nice to see drakefenwick, crow_again, Jaco, Jeno, peacekaat, and volta_girl. Look forward to the next one, and not being the only game night host!

Saturday was icespark’s first bout! icespark and I slept late enough to consider ourselves moderately well-rested, then went out for food before heading down to Bloomington. The competition was fierce, but icespark did an excellent job blocking the opposing team’s jammers. Alas, the opposing team managed to pull out a 1-point win in the last two seconds of the bout! Still, it was a great first game of the season, and I can’t wait to see icespark play again.

Sunday icespark and I slept in again and rested from our Saturday excursions. We had breakfast at Le Peep, and I called my ex-kid A13 to wish him a happy birthday. icespark and I thought about going someplace special for our anniversary, but being Sunday in a Christian society every place we wanted to go was closed. So, we again settled on the comfortably familiar and yummy, this time going to Olive Garden.

As always, the better the weekend, the worse the Monday. Today when I got to work at 1:30 PM our service level was crap, and we were completely overrun with tickets. We only just now got caught up with all the tickets, with a mere 15 minutes to spare. At least I get to leave soon and meet icespark at my house to MUX. B^)

Oy! Hope this coming week won’t be quite so busy!

"To be anti-Semitic is to be unchristian. And I am not."
-- Mel Gibson, defending his film "The Passion of the Christ" (CBS network's "Prime Time Special")

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