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Tegan and Sara rock! B^)

mishiell, icespark, and I went to see Tegan and Sara last night. The show was great, and the opening band, An Horse, was a very cool surprise. I wound up buying a copy of An Horse's CD for all three of us, since they were hanging around signing them for new fans like me. Tegan and Sara were awesome as well, as always. Thanks, mishiell, for getting the tickets for the three of us!

I also ran into Jalyru there after the show, which was another happy surprise, although I was so keyed up, sleep-deprived, and deaf from sitting so close to the stage, that I'm sure I just bounced around like a spaz. I definitely have to see T&S again next time they're in town. I bought two more of their CDs at the show, so now I have three CDs worth of new music to enjoy.

Alas, off to work!
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