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My weekend was very nice. It was a lot lower-key than I had expected it to be, but that was just fine for me. I had a really good night with cassiopia Friday evening. She drove in from Illinois and I met her after I got off work. We ate Wendy’s drive-thru and then snuggled and talked. We got up to watch YouTube videos on my desktop computer (my laptop is having Vista issues), and then moved back to my bedroom to watch the movie Closer on DVD before bed.

Saturday cassiopia and I met icespark for lunch and Free Comic Book Day. The three of us went to two different comic book stores before cassiopia and I went back to my place to hang out before she had to drive back to Illinois. After she left, I read Buffy comics. When Elbe showed up, I took her to dinner and then we snuggled up to watch Transformers. When Elbe had to go home, I went over to icespark’s to sleep.

Sunday I drove icespark down to Bloomington for her roller derby practice. While she was skating I went over to my mom’s to help her move furniture and set up her new bed. I brought Mom tulips from icespark’s flowerbed and petunias that I had picked out and icespark planted. When I picked up icespark from practice she and I had dinner at Outback before heading back to Indy. I got some MUXing in at my mom’s house and at icespark’s before we lay down to finish the first season of Supernatural.

This morning I dragged myself out of bed at nine to bring lildomino and hotarugirl breakfast in bed. I got to hang out with lildomino until she had to go to work, and then snuggle hotarugirl until I had to leave as well. Work was pleasantly non-stressful, and soon I get to escape back to icespark’s to MUX. D3@ quit the MUX recently, so I have to focus more on keeping things at tfumux moving.

See a few of you on the MUX soon!

"I'm not surprised with the fact that there are many comfortable cowards in my profession."
-- Sean Penn, on fellow actors who did not stand up for him when he was attacked for going to Iraq in 2003 (San Jose Mercury News)

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