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Week in Review

My week started out rough, but got better as it went on. I found out Monday that a friend of mine on LJ killed herself a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t anyone I was particularly close to or knew well, but it was someone whose journal I’ve been reading on and off for over a year. Her sudden death brought up a lot of old crap with me, and I was depressed for the rest of the night. Luckily, icespark and my friends on tfumux did a very good job distracting me and cheering me up.

Tuesday night Gwde drove down from Muncie to visit. She thought she was going to be late, but wound up arriving soon after I got home from work. We were hungry so we went to IHOP to eat and catch up. She talked about her job and what’s been going on in her life recently, and asked how icespark and other people in my world are doing. We wound up talking politics and agreeing to disagree since she supports Clinton in the upcoming primary.

Wednesday night I had wonderful evening with mishiell. She cooked me dinner, and I teased her about it being real spaghetti with actual meat (chicken) instead of Californian tofu vegetable surprise. The dinner was really yummy, and after I finished eating we snuggled to catch up and talk. I helped set her up on Twitter, so now she can be subjected to my nattering thoughts 24/7! Bo)

Last night I got to see lildomino. She picked up food on the way over to my place, so we ate dinner while we caught up and chatted. lildomino has been having trouble sleeping, but she caught up some Wednesday night. However, she was still sleepy, so after we finished eating she immediately moved to my bed. She said I was welcome to join her, unless I’d rather just play on my laptop. I chose snuggles with the hot girl. We passed out early, so for a change I got some sleep as well.

Tonight cassiopia is visiting me! She’s already on her way (woot!). I haven’t seen her in a month, so I’m looking forward to snuggles and geekery. We might rent Razor, or more likely just catch up on the episodes of BSG I’ve missed since the beginning of this season. I’ve been bad and not watched any BSG since the premier of this season, so no one’s been able to talk to me about the latest episodes. I can’t wait until the entire series comes out on DVD so I can watch it all again.

Tomorrow cassiopia and I going to Le Peep with icespark and taking part in Free Comic Book Day. I get to hang out with cassiopia until 5:30 PM when I have a date with the elusive Elbe. Elbe can’t stay too late, however, so I’ll probably get back together with icespark afterward for some belated Beltane celebration. We discussed going to a club (since we didn’t last week) or setting up her fire pit (since we aren’t camping), but it will probably depend on how late I get to hang out with Elbe.

Sunday I’m driving down to Bloomington with icespark, and visiting my mother while icespark is at roller derby practice. icespark and I got my mom an early Mother’s Day present: petunias, which my mother associates with me since I used to pick them for her from her garden back when I was very little and we still lived in New York. It’s just the thing that will make my mom all blubbery happy, so it’s a good thing icespark will be at practice and won’t have to bear witness. LOL

Have a good week, $LJFriend!

"I love my son. If anyone tells me I can't help my son, they can drop dead."
-- Mayor Oscar Goodman, on arranging a special party during the National Council of Mayors' convention where fellow mayors were asked to consider buying his son's computer software (Newsweek)

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