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Great Weekend

I had a very nice weekend, even though I had to work on Saturday so I didn’t get as much rest, sleep, or time as I would have liked. Friday when I got off work lildomino came over to she and I could drove down to Bloomington to go to a party with Jalyru and my sister. We had to nap before we left since we were both so tired, and on the way to the party we stopped at my mom’s to pick up a dishwasher.

I had fun at J031’s birthday party, even though lildomino and I couldn’t stay late since she had class in the morning and I had to work. We made it back to my apartment alive and slept until I had to go to work and she to class. We were anticipating trouble getting downtown because of a marathon that day, but while lildomino had problems dealing with the marathon fans I got in without incident.

For a Saturday, work wasn’t actually that bad. When I got off work I intended to go straight to St. Louis to see ona_tangent, but I forgot my cell phone hands-free so I had to run home before leaving town. The drive was long but uneventful, and I got into St. Louis around ten PM, calling to tease ona_tangent that I was just leaving.

Saturday night ona_tangent and I kissed, cuddled, and snuggled up on the couch to watch Buffy season five. ona_tangent’s husband scottak had to go to bed earlier than we did, so we turned the sound down and watched two more episodes with the subtitles on since our hearing isn’t the greatest. ona_tangent and I stayed up long enough to finish the first disc, and then joined scottak in sleep.

Sunday morning ona_tangent and scottak let me sleep late, while ona_tangent grabbed a shower and scottak made us breakfast. I got up and ate, and the three of us re-watched the Buffys that scottak missed because he went to bed earlier than ona_tangent and I. We discussed what we wanted to do that day, and decided to go comic shopping before scottak’s date with lil_mischif.

scottak and I grabbed showers and snuggled ona_tangent until scottak had to leave for his date. ona_tangent and I went out comic shopping and grabbed lunch. We went back to her apartment and snuggled more before moving to the living room to watch more Buffy. We ordered pizza and watched Buffy until scottak came home, paused it to hang out until he went to bed, and then stayed up watching more.

Monday morning after staying up late watching Buffy with ona_tangent I slept for about four hours before having to get on the road back to Indianapolis. I reluctantly kissed ona_tangent good-bye, wishing I could stay longer, and then drove back to Indy, going directly to work. Work was busy but got quieter towards the end of the day since I’m back on the late shift, so I had time to catch up.

I went to icespark’s after work, with the intention to hang out and MUX. Unfortunately, I was so tired after four hours of sleep, four hours of driving, and eight hours of work, that I was too tired to RP and instead semi-idled on the MUX while discussed Gen Con plans with icespark. Eventually I became too cranky and sleepy to even do that, so icespark and I gave up and went to bed.

"When what happened happened, I was completely shocked and appalled. ... All I could say was, `Oh my god, oh my god.' "
-- Justin Timberlake, after the negative fallout from his Super Bowl halftime performance (ABC News)

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