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BSGkend with Cassiopia

My anniversary BSGkend with cassiopia was a complete success. After work Saturday I drove to Illinois to see her. I stopped and grabbed food on the way, so when I arrived we could get straight to the BSG (although we did wind up running out to Quiznos after all)! I gave cassiopia kisses hello and snuggles, and got a sweet anniversary card from her. After that, we dove straight into BSG, watching the end of season two late into the night, followed by some very fine anniversary pouncing.

Sunday cassiopia and I spent all day in bed, alternately naked or in our PJs, watching Battlestar Gallactica and ordering food so we didn’t have to leave the house. We spent most of the day watching season three and snuggling. We’d planned to have sex while cassiopia’s roommate was gone, but we got distracted by BSG and never got around to it. Ah, nerd love!

Monday I had off work, so cassiopia called in sick so we could spend another day together (since our Saturday plans had been abridged since *I* had to work). We finished season three, skipped Razor for now, and watched the first episode of season four. I’m finally caught up! At last we got around to having sex again, before I drove back to Indy to spend the night MUXing fighting with my laptop.

I’ve had a great year with cassiopia, and this past weekend perfectly summed up both the good and bad – the bad being living too far apart with too little time together, and the good being fantastic cuddly times, mutual geek interests, and wonderfully snuggly sex. A weekend away with cassiopia was just what I needed to counter the incredible stress I’ve been subjected to at work. It’s too bad the weekend had to end so soon.

"Our president fell off his bike, and today declared war on gravity."
-- Craig Kilborn

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