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Friday – Week in Review

This week has been extremely sucky at work, and up and down otherwise, although things did get better towards the end of the week. Monday just sucked – from a MUX I help run, a group of ex-players decided to lash out against us, unfairly targeting one of our new admin with hateful, unconstructive personal attacks, rightly upsetting her and me as well. That ruined a big chunk of my week.

Tuesday after work I got to hang out with ewysiwyg, which was a pleasant distraction. We got food at the Mug'n Bun Drive In, which ewysiwyg had wanted to introduce me to, and then went back to my apartment to eat. ewysiwyg burned a data CD-R of music from my desktop computer. I need to buy a portable drive to back up both my hard drives, and when I do, I told her I could give her a lot more of my music much more efficiently. When she left, I had the evening to myself, so I stayed up way too late MUXing, since Monday’s MUXing was a wash.

Wednesday after work I got together with lildomino, and we went out to dinner and then went shopping. We’d intended to just stop by the store to buy necessities, but each of wound up doing our entire month’s shopping instead. We’d also planned to hot tub, but we got back too late, so I wound
up massaging her sore back and then cuddling up with her to sleep.

Last night I got together with Mika. We took advantage of my early schedule to go out to eat, and then spent the rest of the evening snuggling at her apartment. We talked more about our growing feelings for each other, and how each of us are keeping them somewhat in check and proceeding as cautiously as possible. Nonetheless, as always we had a fantastic time together.

Tonight ewysiwyg and I are supposed to take ettebay out for a belated birthday celebration. I haven’t seen ettebay in forever, but she enjoyed the last time ewysiwyg and I took her out, so it should be fun. I look forward to hanging out with ewysiwyg, since I had such a fine time catching up with her on Tuesday.

This weekend cassiopia and I are celebrating our one-year anniversary. Like the true geeks we are, we’re celebrating by having an all-weekend Battlestar Gallactica marathon! cassiopia’s friend chuckdawg even invited us to one of his ever-fun parties, but we had to ecline – we have BSG, man! We can’t leave the house! cassiopia and I got screwed out of half of Saturday because of my work schedule, so I’ll prolly stay half of Monday to make up for it.

"This week Secretary of State Colin Powell admitted that there is no direct link between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida. So let that be a warning, world leaders: If you have no direct link to al-Qaida, we will get you."
-- Tina Fey, "Saturday Night Live"

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