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Week in Review

This has been a great week, beginning with a fun MUX night Monday. D3@ said that he might end the Mindswap TP this week, so I was sure to try to squeeze in as much RP as possible with those that were on late before the TP ends. Unfortunately, by the time I got on the MUX, the RP opportunity pickings were slim, but I made the best with who was on, and got a lot of admin work caught up while I was at it.

Tuesday I had the day off to round off hotarugirl’s birthday weekend with her actual birthday. I got up early and was picked up at icespark’s by lildomino. lildomino and I met hotarugirl at Au Bon Pain for breakfast. When lildomino went to work, hotarugirl and I went shopping for ziti supplies, stopping at a new RP shop to poke around before being driven out by the annoying guy who worked there.

hotarugirl and I went back to my apartment, and I made dinner. When lildomino got off work she joined us to eat, and then hotarugirl helped lildomino with her nursing grant applications while I cleaned up. Due to a scheduling snafu, elbanditorojo was only available Tuesday night (instead of Wednesday) to get together to run our Warhammer 40K prelude, so I left hotarugirl with lildomino for a couple of hours while I hung out with elbanditorojo at IHOP.

When I got back to my apartment, lildomino was sleepy, so hotarugirl and I put her to bed and then played World of Darkness in my living room. The in-game ride home from last session’s Conclave turned into a surprising character development opportunity, as a conversation with a former player’s character that I’m now NPCing gave me a chance to make that character my own. I had a lot of fun role-playing with hotarugirl, and after things wound down we went to bed to snuggle lildomino.

Thursday I had a horrible day at work, which luckily was more than made up for by a very pleasant evening with Mika. Once I escaped the office, I made my way to Mika’s apartment. I was met at the door by Mika, who was wearing only a button-up shirt over panties and a bra. She looked incredibly sexy, and greeted me with some of the warmest welcome kisses I’ve ever received. Apparently she’d missed me. I got a massage and lots of snuggles to ease my stress.

This weekend I’m hanging out with icespark for her birthday (lots of birthdays this month!). We’re getting together tonight, and then since neither of us work Monday we have a three-day weekend to celebrate, cuddle, and react. Saturday we’re going to a roller derby bout, and Sunday, icespark’s actual birthday, we have deliciously nothing planned, so we can relax and do whatever the hell we want. I’m very much looking forward to it!

"That's my oldest. People never believe this, but he was a perfect child. College was another matter. But when he was a little boy, he'd put on his cowboy outfit and pretend he was Roy Rogers. He'd entertain himself for hours fighting the bad guys -- or, as he called them, the axis of evil."
-- Barbara Bush, describing her son, President Bush (San Francisco Chronicle)
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