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Icespark Birthday Weekend

I had a very good weekend hanging out with icespark for her birthday. We got together Friday after I got off work, and went to my apartment. I tormented her with YouTube videos until she told me how she’d rather spend the evening. =^D She was pretty tired, so we decided to just watch my new Transformers DVD, since the episodes are only 20 minutes long. Alas, she didn’t make it through even one.

Saturday we woke up late and spent as much of the day as possible in bed, playing and snuggling. Eventually we dragged ourselves out for dinner, and then went to see the Indy vs. Cinci roller derby bout, which was a lot of fun. A good chunk of her team showed up as well, so we got to hang out with them while we were there. After the bout we picked up some iced coffees and spent the rest of the evening snuggling and watching the last season of Angel.

Sunday we woke up, watched more Angel, and played a bit more. Finally we got up and showered in order to go out for icespark’s birthday dinner. After dinner we bought ice cream cake and went back to my apartment to finish the last season of Angel. We took a break for ice cream cake, but nonetheless finished the season relatively early. This left a conundrum – what could possibly follow Joss Whedon? We settled on watching Angel featurettes.

Monday icespark and I had the day off, so we got to sleep in yet again, which was an excellent way to start the week. After taking advantage of our playful mood, we showered and went for a very late breakfast/dinner at Bob Evans. We then went back to icespark’s to MUX, and got involved with the fun ongoing Mindwarp TP. The day and the evening were both enjoyable, and we wound up the evening snuggling in icespark’s bed.

"They are having a panel to look into the intelligence failures in Iraq ... but the findings will not be issued until after the election. President Bush says the commission can go off and report back in a year. You know, the same way it works in the Texas National Guard."
-- Bill Maher, Real Time with Bill Maher
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