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I had a very pleasant weekend. Friday icespark came over after work and we went to IHOP for a late-night dinner before going back to my apartment to check out the new Chinese Transformers DVD set that I recently found. We were both extremely tired, so we only had the energy to watch one episode before we passed out.

Saturday I got together with lildomino and hotarugirl, and we went to a beauty school so lildomino could get a facial, hotarugirl could get a pedicure, and lildomino and I could get our hair trimmed. I got about twelve centimeters cut off the end of my hair, but it’s long enough that you can’t really tell. The rest of the weekend was a cozy blur of snuggling, eating, sleeping, working on lildomino’s Accelerated Nursing application, eating, sleeping, and finally introducing lildomino to Firefly.

Tonight when I get off work I’m MUXing. With luck, the mindswap TP will still be going on… I’ve been having a surprising amount of fun with that plot. Tomorrow I’m hanging out with lildomino and hotarugirl again for her actual birthday, and cooking her dinner well as running a World of Darkness roleplaying session for her. Nerd love abounds! There will presumably be birthday spankings and snuggles as well at some point. >=^)

Happy Catholic Oppression of Indigenous Irish Beliefs Day!

"Like a blind man in a roomful of deaf people."
-- Paul O'Neill, fired treasury secretary, on the lack of dialogue in President Bush's cabinet meetings (U.S. News and World Report)

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