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Weak Week – The Weekend Should Be Better

This week has had a lot of ups and downs. The downs were mostly work-related, which is good, if the primary stress in my life is something I get to leave behind every night. Tuesday night at work things finally calmed down, which is a bonus of the until-10 PM shift – usually, after 8 PM things quiet down enough for me to get caught up and de-stress a little before I leave.

I used my last break to set up an LJ community and a mailing list for indianaderby fans, and after I got off work I went over to lildomino’s house to spend the night. Wednesday I had to get up early to go to the dentist to get my last permanent crowns installed, which should be my last dental work needed for the time being (aside from regular cleanings and the like).

After the dentist appointment I had the day off, since it was Juho’s birthday. However, Juho is stuck in Wisconsin taking care of her parents’ house since her mom is recovering from cancer. So, I had the day to myself, which was much-needed after not having any time to myself for quite a while. I spent about ten hours along, doing laundry, puttering, and procrastinating about journaling.

By dinner time I was feeling better, so lildomino brought me yummy noodles and we ate at my newly-escavated dining-room table. After eating we hung out and I played on my laptop while lildomino took a nap, and then at 11 we went down to the hot tub for a while before it closed for the night. When we came upstairs we took a shower, and then lildomino hopped into my bed naked and got back on her laptop.

I have to say, a naked geek-girl with a laptop is pretty distracting, but nonetheless I got quite a bit done while lildomino worked on her nursing-school scholarship application paperwork. Around 3 AM lildomino finally called it a night, so I shut down my laptop as well and joined her in bed. We both slept pretty soundly, and it was sad in the morning when lildomino had to get up and go to work.

After such a revitalizing day alone, I went into work yesterday feeling recharged and refreshed, feeling as if I’d had an entire weekend off instead of just a single vacation day. Of course, it didn’t take work long to crush my spirit and return me to an agitated ball of stress. After work, however, I finally got my photo-session date with Lima, and had fun taking pictures of her before she had to get to bed.

Today work was insanely busy, but it was pretty even – just a huge pile of work to dig into and keep plowing through until it was gone. That sort of things I don’t mind doing, so it was actually less stressful than Tuesday or Thursday. Tonight I’m celebrating Pi Day with icespark, since she asked first, and threw in that she’s one of my few girlfriends with a math minor. *chuckle*

This weekend hotarugirl’s coming up to celebrate her birthday, and so lildomino and I plan to spend the time hanging out with her while she’s here. Monday lildomino gets hotarugirl alone while I have my MUX night, and then Tuesday I’m going to run a World of Darkness campaign for her actual birthday. Geekvana! Wednesday night after work I’m getting together with elbanditorojo since we’re on the same shift.

Should be a week of fun geeky RP goodness! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

"This week Secretary of State Colin Powell admitted that there is no direct link between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida. So let that be a warning, world leaders: If you have no direct link to al-Qaida, we will get you."
-- Tina Fey, "Saturday Night Live"

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