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Last Week and the Beginning of This One

Last week was a pretty good time, with ups and downs, and a very first-rate weekend. Wednesday I had an excellent night of snuggling with cassiopia and watching BSG. When I got off work I drove to Illinois and picked cassiopia up to go to Hollywood video to pick up another disc of BSG. Gallactica safely in hand, we headed back to her house to snuggle and enjoy the geeky goodness. We got two more episodes in before we had to give up and go to sleep.

Thursday I needed a night to pack. Mika offered to come over to keep company and give me a massage so I could de-stress and relax before traveling. I got off work, ate, and when Mika called, went down to get her. I showed her my apartment, kissed her, and then we moved to bedroom so I could gather clothes for my out-of-town trip. We hung out for a while, but before we got to the massage a friend called upset, so Mika went home so I could go console said friend.

Friday morning I went over to lildomino’s to give her snuggles before I left town, and she wound up giving me a massage since I missed out Thursday night and was still rather stressed. I went to work for four hours and then took a half-day. I went to my apartment to finish packing and then met icespark for dinner. She brought me to the airport, where I found my flight was delayed an hour.

I hung out at the airport and tried to get on the Wi-Fi there, but I didn’t have my DSL account password, so I couldn’t get on it for free. I thought about journaling, but even without Internet I found ways to distract myself from productivity. I finally caught my flight to Chicago, and rushed to the gate in time to discover I’d have to wait another hour. I read half of Christopher Moore’s Fluke while waiting.

When I finally arrived in Minneapolis, I was met by lemur_lady and her friend Gyro, who’d offered to drive us since lemur_lady’s car wouldn’t start. I got a welcome kiss from lemur_lady and then Gyro dropped us off at lemur_lady’s new apartment. I got the penny tour, and then since it was rather late we got ready for bed.

Saturday I woke up when lemur_lady returned from the bed fresh from the shower. After some make-up snuggling and a phone call to make plans, we got dressed and headed out to meet Gyro and his family for lunch. The company and food was excellent, and after lunch lemur_lady and I stopped into Robot Love to peruse the geeky goodness. Apparently when Scre visited lemur_lady last weekend he made a beeline to the place as well, so it seems that lemur_lady dates a type. *chuckle*

When we got back from lunch lemur_lady ran to the store and I grabbed a shower. We hung out in her living room and she knitted while I played on my laptop. lemur_lady then dragged me off to the bedroom to pounce me before we headed back out to see the Minnesota Rollergirls. She drove us to a bar where there was a bus to take us to the Mayor Roy Wilkins Auditorium for the bout.

The roller derby bout was interesting – after watching the Bloomington and Indianapolis teams play, it was fascinating to watch the differing style and tactics of other leagues. Apparently icespark knows of two of the derby girls that were playing, but since lemur_lady and I didn’t know anyone the bout was less emotionally engaging than ones local to me, although we did wind up rooting for one team or another – in my case, whoever was losing. *snicker*

After the bout lemur_lady and I missed the first bus back to the bar. The second one was too full, so we had to wait in the cold for quite a while before we finally got a ride back on the third bus to lemur_lady’s car. This led us to cancel our sushi plans and just go back to lemur_lady’s and warm up and order pizza. We got an unusual garlic mashed-potato pizza that was surprisingly good.

Sunday we woke up a bit confused over the time change, but eventually figured out what time it was and grabbed breakfast and showers before heading out to shop, visit the prerequisite knit store, and pick up chai lattes and mocha before heading back to lemur_lady’s for hot knitting-and-laptop action!

I helped lemur_lady hang pictures (mostly just holding the tomato stakes penny nails and tape measure), and then she made a yummy dinner for us. We cuddled on the couch and watched Mirror Mask while lemur_lady knitted, and then it was late so we went to bed.

Monday lemur_lady and I had to get up early so she could drop me off at the airport before work. I got a kiss good-bye and went to wait on my flight, boarding the plane on top and waiting for take-off. Instead, the jet turned out to have a fuel leak, so we had to disembark and wait in line for a hour to get a new route.

I got new tickets to Indy on Northwest, and sat until one waiting on that flight, finishing the other half of Christopher Moore’s Fluke in the meantime. When I finally got into Indy, lildomino picked me up at the airport, and we had all of forty-five minutes to eat and snuggle before I had to go to work. Luckily, I work the late shift this week and took another half-day, so I wasn’t late.

Work was busy, but much easier to handle in a four-hour chunk. After work I went to icespark’s to MUX, and got to participate in a fun TP going on this month on tfumux. That went late into the night, and icespark and I stayed up to watch the shuttle launch before finally heading to bed.

Today work is sucking again, making sure any lingering good feeling from my fantastic weekend with lemur_lady is thoroughly pwn3d. I was already feeling post-lemur_lady weekend drop by the time I got to the airport, and it’s pretty solidly set in now. With luck some hiding out and snuggles with lildomino tonight will make things a tad better.

"Death? So many people of modest intelligence have done it so successfully -- it can't be that hard."
-- Bob Lutz, 71, chairman of General Motors North America (Esquire)

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