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Nerd Love – ona_tangent:

Valentine’s Day with ona_tangent was wonderful. She made me sleep late, which was restful, and then we had a really yummy breakfast before going comic shopping for the second time this visit. After loading up on illustrated goodness, we headed back to ona_tangent and scottak’s to revel in our ill-gotten booty. I took advantage of this week’s Zombie Valentine theme and got to read The Walking Dead, which I’d bought for ona_tangent.

ona_tangent read Daughters Of The Dragon and scottak read She-Hulk. Later in the evening, we enjoyed some BSG, which ona_tangent and scottak were sweet enough to go back to first season to watched, since I’m that far behind.

ona_tangent and I then immersed ourselves in more Wonder Woman!, which was excellent fun, and then enjoyed more comics reading and snuggling. It was a cuddly, low-key, no-stress Valentine’s Day, and it was rare and appreciated to be able to spend it with ona_tangent and scottak.


Which Doctor Who are you?

this quiz was made by Auntie Krizu(:>)

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