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Weekend Update

I had such a good weekend. Friday night I got to hang out with Mika again, which is becoming more of a regular thing. A few of my girlfriends seem concerned or convinced I’m going to fall in love with Mika, but although my feelings for her continue to grow, I feel affectionately rather than romantically towards her. I’m very pleased to be developing a friendship with her at last.

Saturday I had planned to help my mom move, but my sister called to tell me they’re moving next weekend instead. So, surprised to once again have a rare Saturday free, I got together with icespark after work and we had a lovely night of dinner and DVD-watching. We got further along in this season of Angel, and snuggled while icespark rested from re-starting her roller derby training last week.

Sunday I went over to lildomino’s because hotarugirl was in town and we had plans to take sexy pictures of her. I brought them lunch and we hung out at lildomino’s for a while until we gathered up enough energy and will to move to my apartment, where we ordered dinner and spend the rest of the evening snuggling and taking pictures of hotarugirl. It was a great time.

It sucks though that as always, the better the weekend, the suckier the Monday. Fortunately all the stress was work-related, so once I left work things improved. Monday is my MUX night, which I usually spend over at icespark’s. Hopwever, she had a roller derby meeting, so I stayed home and icespark joined me when she got back from Bloomington. MUX night was fun, but stressful, as a lot was going on at once.

Today work was busy, but better than yesterday. I got my schedule for the next two weeks, and alas I’m back working until-10 PM. After work lildomino came over and brought me yummy food. After we ate we went downstairs to soak in the hot tub. Now we’re playing on our laptops, but I’m going to try not to miss out on actual fun times in my efforts to journal past fun times, so I think I’ll end this now.

"I don't say my hair is my greatest strength in the world, but it's not terrible."
--Donald Trump (Us)

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