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Week in Review

This week has started to take my “hide and recharge” trend to extremes – yesterday I didn’t even go into work. Personal time is good, but I probably should start making a few plans with people before the pendulum swings too far in the antisocial direction. I am getting together with Mika tonight and hotarugirl this weekend, so that should help.

Tuesday my plans with Asca got cancelled because she hurt her wrist, so I went over to lildomino’s to try to continue with the productivity I’d started this past weekend with icespark. Unfortunately, although lildomino got a lot done, she had the TV on while she did so, and no matter how bad the TV is, I can’t help but get drawn into it. So, all I got done Tuesday night was answering some MySpace mail.

Wednesday icespark had her first active roller derby practice since she hurt her ankle. She was worried that she’d be too far behind or that she’d be mocked by the other skaters, but of course they were supportive and welcoming, and she wasn’t as behind as she feared. Still, after her practice we propped her up with cocoa, pillows, and frozen veggies on her ankle just in case.

Thursday I skipped work and spent most of the day in bed trying to get rid of a world-devouring sinus headache. In the evening I went over to lildomino’s, who was so serious about getting studying done she even had the TV off – craziness! I should have used that non-TV time for getting things done, but instead I let myself get sucked into Penny Arcade. Ah, well. It was good to see her anyway.

Today, being the last Friday of the month, has been crazy busy at work, especially since we’re short-staffed. Tonight I have plans with Mika – I’m not sure if she’s going to cook again, or if we’re going out. I know we can’t stay out/up too late since I have to work early in the morning – I traded shifts with my friend Jobr, since she needed tomorrow off to move.

I was supposed to help my mom move tomorrow, but apparently that’s been changed to next weekend, and they’re doing it without me, with which I have no problem. hotarugirl’s supposed to come in town this weekend, so while I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing and when, I am sure I’ll hang out with lildomino and/or her at some point. Again, trying not to over-schedule too much, and just go with the flow.

"The really rich people figure out how to dodge taxes anyway."
-- President Bush on John Kerry's proposal to rescind tax cuts for the wealthy

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