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Valentine’s Weekend

My Valentine’s weekend was pleasant, quiet, and revitalizing. Friday cassiopia drove from Illinois to visit me, and since she was arriving late, I ordered pizza to arrive when she did. This resulted in a little running back and forth to grab the delivery and let cassiopia into the gate so she could park, but we had a great night of Battlestar Galactica, pizza, and snuggles.

cassiopia didn’t have to be back in Illinois until the late evening, so we got to spend most of Saturday together, which was wonderful after a lot of short 12-hour visits. We spent all day in bed, cuddling and watching more BSG. We even ordered Jimmy Johns so we wouldn’t have to get up to eat. It’s an outstanding start to the weekend when I don’t even have to put on pants ‘til after seven thirty PM.

Once cassiopia left for Illinois, I called lildomino to see what she wanted to do for dinner. We had plans to go out, but it was cold and miserable out, so we decided I’d just pick up food and bring it to her house. I brought her dinner in bed, and then we cuddled up to watch Star Trek on my laptop since we couldn’t get her DVD player to work with the old TV I’d given her for her bedroom.

lildomino had a rough week, so we didn’t stay up too late Saturday night. We did get to sleep in deliciously late Sunday morning, and woke up happy and refreshed. We spent as much time in bed as possible, until finally I had to get up and shower so I could go meet icespark for dinner. icespark and I went out to Outback to eat, and then went back to my place to get pwn3d by a guardian in Icewind Dale II.

After we gave up on IDII, we build a pillow fort and settled in to watch lots of episodes of Angel on DVD. We stayed up well into the early morning, and so it was good to have Monday off and get to sleep in again. I did get some needed productivity done when I first woke up on Monday, but after that icespark and I lazed around as long as possible before hunger finally drove us out of my apartment.

icespark and I went to eat at Ruby Tuesdays, and then went back to her house so I could get on the MUX after a two-week absence. I was happy to discover they hadn’t burned the place down during my nonattendance, and I even got to get in some role-play that I had been afraid I was going to miss out on. I had a fun and productive evening, and then at the end of the night got to snuggle up with icespark as an excellent end to a three-day weekend.

Obama for President!

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