Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Weekend Update

My weekend went pretty well, considering it got off to a bad start. Friday I had a bad day at work, my allergies were killing me, and my teeth hurt a lot from my dental work Tuesday. When I talked to cassiopia prior to driving out to see her, apparently I sounded miserable enough that she suggested we put off our date until next weekend, when presumably I’ll be feeling better and she and I will have more time to hang out. Gratefully, I accepted her suggestion to postpone our plans.

icespark was feeling equally lousy because of the torn tendon in her ankle, so I picked up my painkiller prescription at Walgreens and went over to icespark’s place to self-medicate and unwind. icespark and I actually had a pretty amusing evening sitting on her couch watching bad 80s hair-band videos on Yahoo! Music. Since neither of us had plans early Saturday morning, we stayed up late watching videos, and then watched an episode of Supernatural before going to sleep.

Saturday icespark and I had a late brunch and then went to see the Naptown Roller Girls bout. They pwn3d their opponents once again, which almost had us rooting for the underdogs instead of the home team, if out of sympathy if not respect for their excellent (if ultimately insufficient) defensive skills. After the bout icespark and I went back to my apartment and watched six episodes of season four of Angel. We were tempted to watch more, but figured we had to sleep sometime.

Sunday I dropped icespark off at her house so she could go to roller derby practice, and I went over to see hotarugirl and lildomino while hotarugirl was in town. When I got there, lildomino and hotarugirl were giggling and laughing, and it was fun to join them and spend the rest of the day huddled up away from the cold. They had planned to go out for sushi, but when we got hungry we ordered pizza so we wouldn’t have to venture outside. It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

This morning lildomino had to go into work early, so hotarugirl and I headed to my apartment to get it ready for ona_tangent to visit. It’s ona_tangent’s birthday this week, so she’s coming in tonight (she’ll be here soon!) and staying until Thursday. Tomorrow night icespark, lildomino, ona_tangent and I are having a late-night dinner to celebrate her birthday, and I took a vacation day from work Wednesday so we can hang out together. I expect a great week with lots of Buffy and knitting.

Obama for President!

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